Learn Spanish with tailor-made lessons

I propose you a game…

If you meet any of the following characteristics, it means you are in the right place and you can continue reading:

  • You’ve been studying Spanish for a while and know a little grammar and vocabulary, but you don't speak the language the way you like.
  • You've been in group classes, they're fun, but you don't progress at the pace you want.
  • You frequently travel to Spain, have friends here, and would like to integrate better into their conversations.

Good! I have been through that too.

Do you want to leave that frustration behind?

Let's see if you like my proposal:

The lessons

Informative session

In 25 minutes, we will see if what you are looking for and what I offer are in tune. Nobody likes to waste time, right? Book your informative session now. It's free!

One-to-one lessons

One-to-one lessons take 45 minutes. During that time, we will discuss the week’s topic about which, previously, you will receive a text or a video. That way, we can make the most of the class time.


3-month accompaniment program to speak more confidently in Spanish. It is for you if you have already learned the basics but do not feel confident to communicate on a day-to-day basis.

In case of any doubt, please, contact me at info@lauraspanishlessons.com. I will be happy to help.


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Ejemplos de muletillas: bueno, o sea...

Would you like to sound more natural when talking in Spanish?

Use filler words!

¿Vale?, bueno, o sea... I am sure that you have heard them many times, but maybe you don't know what they mean and what is more important when to use them.  

Fill out the form and subscribe to my list to download the infographic. It includes examples to see them in context.

I am sure that you will find it easier to understand native conversations later.