"Habla por los codos" Program


If you have already studied a lot of grammar but when speaking, you get stuck and feel like you can't go deeper into your conversations, this 3-month accompaniment program may interest you.

Cathy had studied Spanish for a few years, doing exercises in Apps and reading in the language. Her understanding level was high, but she couldn't express herself like she wanted.


It was usual since she had only practiced the language passively.


She met her husband abroad, and they spoke in English. Perfect!


The problem: every time they came to visit, he or his sister had to translate part of the rest of the family's conversations. We Spaniards speak very fast!


Two years ago, they moved to Spain, and although she managed her day-to-day life well and did not need Spanish for her work, she felt that her husband's family did not know her.


She felt frustrated at not being able to express herself as she was.


When we spoke, I told her she had to speak Spanish and use the language actively to gain fluency. It was then that I presented her with this three-month program.


Each week, you will receive a video, audio, or text so that you can prepare the topic.

We will meet once a week for 45 minutes to talk about the topic, expand vocabulary, resolve doubts, etc.

During the 12 weeks, you will have support via Telegram. You will talk to me outside of the controlled class environment. That will get you out of your comfort zone.

When speaking on Telegram, you will be using Spanish more naturally; It is more similar to day-to-day situations, to the conversations you can have with friends or family.


If social media isn't your thing, don't worry. I've also thought about you. You can choose the program without Telegram support and resolve your questions by email.



Until 2020, I worked in a school with mainly face-to-face and group classes.


It was not until lockdown that I started with individual and online classes. Quite a challenge, if I may say so.


And here I am, four years later, having tried what is most effective, knowing how to reduce class anxiety and how to make us forget about the screen.


Because it is proven that if we reduce anxiety, we learn better.


You will think that you are in a relaxed conversation with a coffee (or tea) in front of you, and you will gain fluency and confidence with this course:


A colloquial expression that means "to talk a lot." Don't you think it's the perfect name?

Cathy has already tried it and is delighted. She now feels more confident to participate in conversations, asks if she does not understand some expression, and shows herself as she is.


Do you want to try it?

Take a look at the summary:

Habla por los codos

  • Each week, you get an audio, a video, or a text to prepare the topic.
  • 12 individual conversation sessions (45 minutes each)
  • Telegram accompaniment during the 12-week program

"Soft" Version

  • Each week, you get an audio, a video, or a text to prepare the topic.
  • 12 individual conversation sessions (45 minutes each)
  • It does not include Telegram accompaniment

Participate in the conversations you want!

Any questions? Look at the answers here.

What happens if I enter the course and I don't like it. Does it have a guarantee?
If you are unsure if this program is for you, I advise you to book an information session with me beforehand to resolve your doubts. 

Another option is to split the payment twice and pay for the first 4 weeks. If afterward something does not convince you, you can leave the program. If you are happy with the result, you pay the rest, and we will continue for another 8 weeks.

I don't have plenty of time. How much do I need to dedicate to the program?About 15-30 minutes to read the text, watch the video, or listen to the audio, and another 45 minutes a week for our session. 

You have to commit to your learning. I won't tell you that you will learn Spanish by magic, but I assure you that time will not be a brake.

Will it work?It depends on you. What is your level of commitment? Do you want to participate in conversations and express yourself as you are? If the answer is yes, count me in. I will be an email away to answer your questions.

Am I going to get bored?I understand that you have that fear because many of the options on the market lie in passive knowledge of the language, but here, you are going to be active. You can't get bored when you are the protagonist. 

I will be your guide so you can tell me everything you need or feel during the program.

After 12 weeks, will I have achieved my goal?You will have improved your fluency because you will speak in the sessions. And if you choose the option with Telegram, you will also talk there. 

In addition, you will be able to resolve your most frequent questions, and I will help you lose your fear of making mistakes.

Why should I trust you?My goal is for you to learn and finish happy with the result. There is no better publicity than a happy student.

By Internet?In the times we are living in, I don't need to talk to you about all the advantages of doing it online. On the one hand, we don't waste time moving around. On the other hand, the videoconference session requires more focus and concentration, which is why we are more effective. There are no external stimuli that steal our attention.

It seems expensive to me.After the course, you'll get to participate in conversations with more fluency and security. You will lose the fear of making mistakes and eliminate the frustration of not being able to express yourself as you want.

Also, in class, you will have the opportunity to correct the habits and mistakes you usually make. That is, lessons will adapt to your needs. You do not get that when you are part of a group in which each one has different knowledge and skills.

What days are the lessons?We will agree on the days and times that suit us both.
If you need to change any programmed lesson, you can do so 24 hours in advance.

All details are already explained. If you want to speak a lot, click below.

Any questions? Ask me. Write to me at info@lauraspanishlessons.com.

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