"Español a punto" Program


Get your Spanish ready, and forget about blocks when speaking. You don't need hours of studying Spanish, but a short time every day. A course in which you will learn to speak speaking.

Likely if you have come this far, it may happen to you as it happened to Fenna.


She had studied Spanish but couldn't express herself the way she wanted. She felt that his level of knowledge of grammar and her fluency did not match.


When I met her, she had recently moved to Spain, and she broke out in cold sweat when someone asked her something on the street or when she went shopping.


Practicing at home, she could build correct sentences in her head, but when push came to shove, the right sentences didn't come out. She felt blocked.


She is a perfectionist and didn't take it very well to make mistakes, so she felt more pressure.


She wanted to integrate into the Spanish culture and needed Spanish not only for daily life, but also to communicate with her partner's family.

She had already tried almost everything: she had attended face-to-face classes, but it was slow for her because, in the groups, each one had their learning rhythm.


She had done online lessons at the University, but they were not practical. She had even started with an app but without a structure.

Seeing no progress, she became demotivated. And without motivation, she was already beginning to make the excuse that she didn't have time. It became more and more difficult for her, it took her longer to get back into Spanish, and she started to forget what she knew.

Perhaps you find yourself in a similar situation.

But do not get discouraged.

The important thing is not to put pressure on yourself and try to keep the language active in all possible ways.


If you often travel to Spain, take advantage of any opportunity to talk: in the restaurant, at the fruit shop, etc.

Watch series in Spanish on the Internet.

Listen to podcasts in Spanish or look up the lyrics of the songs you like the most to understand what they are saying.

You can even read books in Spanish: start with children's books and then continue with graded readings.

You can also read or listen to the news in Spanish.

Anything that keeps you in touch with the language is good.


Maybe you think you need a lot of free time for that and you don't have it. Not at all. You only need 10-15 minutes a day to listen to a song or a podcast; to read a couple of pages of a book.


Possibly you think you will hold the rhythm for two or three days, but by the fourth, you will "forget" to practice. To avoid this, look for an accountability partner: somebody with a similar objective who will help you not to lose motivation.


You may also think that without a structure, achieving objectives is complicated. In that case, follow a manual suitable to your level that will serve as a guide.

If you think autonomous learning is not for you, that it is boring, you can always start a lesson program with a teacher. She will be in charge of offering you a path, will be your accountability partner, and will try to keep you motivated. She will design efficacious and varied lessons where you will listen to songs, watch shorts, read articles, write stories, and talk a lot during lessons and in more informal situations, such as via Telegram.


As I mentioned before, Fenna was not happy with his level of conversation. She had lost her motivation and felt quite frustrated, but what I proposed to her seemed different, and she decided to try it.


She feels more secure now when she speaks. She no longer worries when she makes mistakes, and because of that, she has gained fluency.


During the six months, she has been taking every opportunity to talk. She has stepped out of her comfort zone and is proud of it. She has resolved many doubts that she had, and she has found ways to continue learning while having fun.


In one-to-one lessons, it's easier. You have to communicate yourself. There is no way out. But you're not going to feel like in an interrogation. No, do not worry. You will feel like you're in a relaxed chat with a coffee (or tea) ahead.


Until 2020 I worked in a school with face-to-face and group lessons. I don't know how many students I have taught. But I can tell you that they have been of all levels and all ages, from 12 to 72 years old.


It wasn't until the lockdown that I started with individual and online classes. Quite a challenge, if I may say so.


And here I am, four years later, having tried what is most effective, knowing how to reduce anxiety in class, and how to make us forget about the screen.


The result is this course:


With this program you will lose your fear of speaking Spanish by speaking

What's included?

There are two options and here you can see the elements in common:

Video content

Short videos, between 5 and 8 minutes, with the grammar topic of the week. So you can see them as many times as you want and we can dedicate the individual session exclusively to talking.

Interactive activities

Among 3 and 5 activities of each grammar topic that we discuss so you can see your progress.

Correction of one weekly written homework

Answering queries per email

An assessment session

One hour to practice everything you learned and see the steps to follow.

* The differences *

One-to-one sessions

You can choose between the 18 sessions of 30 minutes of the Program "Plus" or the 22 sessions of 45 minutes of the Program "Premium". In those sessions you can practice all what you learn.

Telegram accompaniment

The Program "Plus" includes this option. Every week, for 6 months, you are going to talk to me. The Program "Premium" does not include Telegram accompaniment.


Program "Plus"

  • Grammar content in video
  • Interactive activities for practicing the grammar
  • Correction of 1 weekly written homework
  • Answering queries per email
  • An assessment session of 1 hour
  • 18 individual sessions of 30 minutes
  • Telegram accompaniment during the 24-week program

Program "Premium"

  • Grammar content in video
  • Interactive activities for practicing the grammar
  • Correction of 1 weekly written homework
  • Answering queries per email
  • An assessment session of 1 hour
  • 22 individual sessions of 45 minutes
  • It does not include Telegram accompaniment

Start unlocking your Spanish!

Any questions? Look at the anwers here.

What happens if I enter the course and I don't like it? Does it have a guarantee?No, it does not have a guarantee.

I advise you to book an information session with me beforehand, or you can even buy a separate class to see how I work, but if you don't like something, don't buy the course.

I don't have plenty of time. How much do I need to dedicate to the program?
With 15 minutes daily, you have enough for the video material and the activities. In addition, you will need another 30 or 45 minutes a week for our session, depending on the option you choose.

You have to commit to your learning. I won't tell you that you'll learn Spanish by magic, but I assure you that time will not be a brake.

Will it work?It depends on you. Are you engaged? Do you want to improve your level? If the answer is yes to both, count on me. I will be an email "away" to answer your questions.

Am I going to get bored?I understand you have that fear because many of the options proposed are based on a passive knowledge of the language, but here you will be active. You can not get bored when you are the protagonist.

I don't fancy routine either, so rest assured that the activities and lessons will be dynamic, different from each other, and effective.

I will be with you, so you can tell me everything you need or feel during the program.

After 24 weeks, will I have achieved my goal?You will have improved your fluency because you are going to talk in sessions, and if you select the "Plus" option, you are also going to speak on Telegram.

Moreover, you will be able to solve your most frequent queries and I will help you to lose the fear of making mistakes.

Why should I trust you?My goal is for you to learn and finish happy with the result. There is no better publicity than a happy student.

By Internet?In the times we are living in, I don't need to talk to you about all the advantages of doing it online. On the one hand, we don't waste time moving around. On the other hand, the videoconference session requires more focus and concentration, which is why we are more effective. There are no external stimuli that steal our attention.

Having content with access 24 hours a day and "consumable" anywhere multiplies the advantages to infinity.

It seems expensive to me.After the course, you'll get to participate in conversations with more fluency and security. It is a complete course, and we go directly to the point. Your time is worth much more.

Also, although we focus on the content of the course, in class, you will have the opportunity to correct the habits and mistakes you usually make. That is, lessons will adapt to your needs. You do not get that when you are part of a group in which each one has different knowledge and skills.

What days are the lessons?We will agree on the days and times that suit us both.
If you need to change any programmed lesson, you can do so 24 hours in advance.

All details are already explained. If you want to brush up your Spanish and speak a lot, click below.

Any questions? Ask me. Write to me at info@lauraspanishlessons.com.

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