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Here you have general information about the different types of classes.

Please feel free to request an information session if you want us to assess your current level together.

Are you interested in online Spanish classes for adults? Click the link to learn more about the 3- or 6-month programs.

If you are in Malaga and want to practice Spanish with a cup of coffee, click on the last option.


Subscribe to download an infographic with some of the expressions we use to clarify, try to keep the attention, etc. They will help you to understand better the native speakers. 😎

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Informative session

In 25 minutes we will see if what you are looking for and what I offer are in tune. Nobody likes to waste time, right?

During the session, you will tell me about your motivations and objectives, and we will see the starting level. In addition, you will be able to see the materials we will use in class and my methodology. So select the day and time best suits you and start with a briefing. It’s free!

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“Habla por los codos” course

3-month accompaniment program so you can participate in the conversations you want and everyone knows you as you are.

If you have gotten tired of doing grammar exercises, but it doesn’t show when it comes to speaking, this program may interest you.

Cursos de español para adultos

“Español a punto” course

6-month accompaniment program to speak more confidently in Spanish.

You don’t need hours of studying Spanish, but a short time every day. A course in which you will learn to speak speaking.

Are you in Malaga?

Do you feel like speaking Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere?

You can take advantage of having a teacher nearby to ask your questions while you have a coffee and talk about diverse topics in small groups.