Learn to speak Spanish from home

Terms and conditions

Form and time of payment

Lessons are paid in advance. The payment of the lessons is done through PayPal, a safe way to pay by debit or credit card, or by bank transfer.
If you make the payment through the web, you will receive a confirmation by email that it has been done correctly. You will also receive information about the availability, so you can choose the day and time of your next class.

Lessons packs

Each pack has a different expiration period: the 10 lessons pack expired after 13 weeks, and the 15 lessons pack expired after 18 weeks. Exceptions may be made, for which the cases will be assessed individually.

Lesson cancelation

To cancel or change a lesson you must notify it per email 24 hours in advance. In case of no show, or if you cancel or change the class within 24 hours before it starts, the lesson will be considered given / received.
All transactions are final. There are no refunds for classes.

Trial lesson

The trial lesson is free, and it takes 25 minutes. The trial lesson does not commit you to hire more classes. If you need to cancel or change your trial lesson, please write to me 24 hours before your appointment.

Conditions subject to change

Conditions can be altered any time, but I will notify you with enough time so you can accept or reject the new ones.

Technical issues

To avoid interruptions during class, you should check in advance that the camera and microphone are working properly. Also, a good Internet connection is essential; a minimum connection speed of 20 Mbps is suggested. The connection offered by an Ethernet cable is more stable than by WiFi. It is also recommended to use a computer, laptop or tablet for the class, since the mobile screen might be too small to correctly view the material.

In the event of technical issues that prevent the continuation of the class normally, it will be possible to change the class to another day. If it is a repetitive problem, another solution will be sought.


I reserve the right to take a few well-deserved days off but giving advance notice. In that case that week, or weeks, will not count for the expiration of the packs.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me through the form.