Do you want to communicate more confidently in Spanish?
Would you like to feel more integrated where you live?
Do you wish to get along on a day-to-day basis?

Count on me if...

You are determined to give your Spanish a boost.
You need to unlock everything you know.
You are tired of memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules that later you don't know how to apply.
You want a complete accompaniment.

How we will do it?

With Whatsapp accompaniment

Every week, during 3 months, you are going to talk to me. 

With one-to-one sessions

30-minute sessions so you can practice what you learn.

With interactive activities

So you can see your progress.

With video content

So that you have access to grammar topics whenever you want, that way we can dedicate the individual session to talking.

An assessment session

To practice everything you learned and see the steps to follow.


Material in PDF

With the grammar content and the material of the one-to-one sessions.

Extra activities

So you can practice more if you have time.


At the end of each module, so you can check everything you have learned.

Are you ready to start?

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