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Gain fluency in Spanish

¡Hola! My name is Laura and I am a professional Spanish teacher. With me you will learn to order at the bar when travelling around Spain (and get what you really order). Start now, from the comfort of your home and at your pace. 

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

The Lessons are


We will design together a plan for you tailored to your interests and needs.


We will watch videos, short films and listen to audios with different accents to provide you with as much input as possible. We will talk about them and other kind of sources, such as pictures, news, etc. The goal is that you can communicate with fluency. 

learn to communicate in spanish in a funny and efficient way

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

what people say

“If you are looking for a dedicated and structured teacher I can definitely recommend Laura!
Her lessons are "tailor made" and presented with humor and at a good pace.
I am student now for a year and I must say that I feel more and more comfortable with this for me difficult language thanks to her.

Happy with Laura!!"

Dolf D.H.Dolf D.H.Amsterdam

"I started Spanish lessons with Laura last year in July as a true beginner. (...) I am 50+ :) so remembering the vocabulary is sometimes a challenge for me but Laura keeps me sharp all the time.
She knows how to motivate and learn you Spanish in a way that suits you. On your own level and tempo.
With a lot of humour she also takes you into the Spanish world and culture by using funny and interesting short fragments, images or stories. (...) 
Laura es una profesional en la enseñanza del idioma español, además de una profesora paciente y agradable. Ella me gusta mucho.
Gracias Laura!"

IJda T.IJda T.Leeuwarden

"I loved the lessons with Laura, she always gave me a good feeling about my progress. Every lesson was different so I was never bored.

Laura heeft het beste in mij naar boven gehaald. 1 jaar lang spaans online met Laura was het beste wat ik kon doen om mijn spaans te verbeteren."

Sabeth P.Sabeth P.Maastricht