For you who live in Malaga and don't have time to attend Spanish lessons,

With 1 hour a week, you can get more fluency while having a coffee.

As a language student, at first, I found it difficult to communicate outside of class with the ease that correspond to my level. I felt clumsy and had a hard time integrating.


As a teacher, I also saw it sometimes with my students: they did well with the exercises, but it was difficult for them to speak and express themselves as they were.


It is logical.


If lessons focus on a specific grammatical aspect and many exercises are done on the same thing to assimilate it, a false image of progress arises.


Therefore, applications are helpful for the most mechanical part of learning but not for gaining fluency.



When I started going to language exchanges, despite the background noise (they were in cafes) and not knowing the people, I noticed that I could communicate better.


Nobody could correct me because I was not in class, but I gained fluency.



Now imagine meeting in small groups with a coffee ahead to chat about topics that interest you.


Imagine that, at the same time, you are practicing Spanish with someone who can clarify your doubts.

What if I told you that you can go from imagining it to doing it?

Now that you live in Malaga, I suppose you would like to stop feeling like a tourist and become part of its vibrant atmosphere.


I am sure you already know how to order a beer and a tapa in a bar and ask how much a kilo of bananas costs in the market, right? But it is not enough.


It is great to communicate in English with the many people from outside who live here. However, you feel like you are missing a crucial part of the city you now consider home.


You can always sign up for a Spanish course for residents. But if you are not a huge fan of formal classes with a book and want to practice in a more relaxed environment, keep reading.


We will meet once a week in a cafeteria where we can chat in small groups about topics that interest you.


Motivation is essential for learning, and with topics that interest you, you will remember what you have learned for longer.


Furthermore, by being out of class, little by little, you will lose your fear of communicating in real situations.


When you relax, your brain assimilates what it learns better, and you remember it easier. You have probably heard: "I speak a language better after having two beers." That is because you become uninhibited and are not aware of the mistakes you make.


That is my goal, but with a coffee ahead (I want to see if it works the same ;-)).


It is always positive to leave your comfort zone, practice in “uncontrolled” environments, and be in contact with the language in every possible way.


You do not need to do homework or dedicate hours and hours to it.


15-20 minutes a week to read a text or watch a video before meeting is enough. This way, we can spend the time we are together chatting.


I will explain any grammatical and vocabulary doubts that may arise and correct the pronunciation. I am a teacher, after all. Furthermore, it is about making the meetings as beneficial as possible for you.

Hello! I am Laura.
I am a Spanish teacher, and after three years of teaching online and a few years of in-person classes, I want to have a coffee with you and help you gain fluency. Face-to-face.


  • A few days before coffee, I will send you a text, an audio, or a video.
  • You read it, listen to it, or watch it.
  • We meet once a week in small groups (4-6 people) and discuss it.
  • We see vocabulary, I clarify grammar doubts, and we chat about the topic.
  • If you want, we repeat the following week with another topic.

How much does it cost?

€10 per session/person

How do I know if it is for me?

Write to me to

if you are interested, and we will talk (15-20 minutes online). Anyway, I give you some clues below.

These sessions are for you if:

  • You already know basic Spanish;
  • You want to improve your fluency;
  • You love sharing a coffee and good conversations with people with similar interests;
  • You like literature, films, travels, etc.;
  • You have one free hour a week.

These sessions are NOT for you if:

  • You do not know Spanish;
  • You have a specific topic or aspect that you want to practice;
  • You are more into doing repetitive exercises.

Find your motivation

Each person learns differently.

If you are more into chatting over coffee than doing exercises, write to me.

Maybe you haven't made much progress with the language because the classes didn't motivate you enough.

I believe there are no bad students, but methods that do not suit them.

If you don't have a free hour a week now but want to stay in touch with the language, you can subscribe to my newsletter. You will get a pronunciation guide on video and some exercises to practice. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.